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Free Template – Document Your Marketing Technology Stack

According to Scott Brinker of, there are now over 5,000 solutions as part of the marketing technology stack in 2017, a 39% increase since 2016. This substantial growth enforces the trends of the CMO owning as much technology in organizations as the CIO.

There are six main categories as part of the marketing technology stack, each with sub-categories. Many of these vendor tools have capabilities that overlap and this overlap increases as the industry consolidate.

To assist leaders of a Marketing Technology Office to get a better handle on what martech they have, we have created a free PowerPoint template to help document a firm’s current capabilities.

Our template was inspired by Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2017) and we wish to thank him for his ongoing work in this area.

6 Categories within the Marketing Technology Stack

Before we provide you with access to download the free template to document your Marketing Technology Stack, let’s review the six categories and sub-categories of the stack in detail so you’re better prepared to reference your current martech vendors into the correct box(es):

Content & Experience

Vendors listed in the content and experience category focus mainly on web content (or experience) management and the mechanical and mature phases within this area. The basic stages including content creation and publishing, progressing to applying SEO best practices, incorporating more engaging content such as video and then rising to the stage of delivering that content in a more personalized fashion.

Commerce & Sales

E-commerce and sales martech vendors help marketers and sales staff use digital to generate actual sales. In the e-commerce area sales are done through a traditional online catalog and shopping cart fashion while generating sales to actual people is done through the likes of CRM and related automation tools. This category also includes tools that manage influencers. Influencers are usually individuals that can drive traffic to a firm’s site and receives compensation if and when it converts. Although these categories split into others they remain similar. The final main category in this section is proximity marketing. These vendors focus on targeting marketing to audiences based on their location.


The management technology vendors that are part of the management category focus on getting the most out of resources (staff) and therefore focus in the areas of project management (waterfall or agile), collaboration, talent management, and budgeting. It’s typical for marketers to still be using desktop tools like excel in this area or simple tools like Asana.


The data category is probably one of the most frustrating categories for marketers as it is becoming more and more complex and technical. The data category has vendors providing web analytics and report, dashboards for reporting on campaigns and other marketing initiatives along with business and data intelligence and modeling. Many times BI and modeling are done in IT or a separate data science group yet marketers frequently need to jump in the mix and get their hands dirty here due to the creation of marketing data marts or responsibilities with CRM data.

Social & Relationships

The social and relationships category holds lists of vendors that are some of the easiest for marketers to understand (as with web content and experience management). Social media listening influencer management and publishing tools make up a growing area of martech within this category. Event orchestration including webinars and meetings remains one of the oldest areas here yet likely one where the least amount of maturity has happened for marketers. CRM remains one of the most important sub-categories which should be looked as the base of where to start of this and many of the other six categories listed as “centering around the customer” has been a key theme for marketers for some time now.

Advertising & Promotion

Finally, there is the advertising and promotion category of which agencies tend to purchase and use these tools more than internal marketing teams or and marketing technology office group. This is because most of these tools are used to orchestrate paid media buying into the advertising world both digital and analog. These tools help with the bidding process for online paid advertising, pushing new creative into the networks for display on web, tv, mobile, digital signage and more.

What should you do next?

By mapping out your marketing technology stack you’ll find it easier to determine where waste might exist from overlapping technical capabilities, how much you actually already have in place and then what tools you may wish to place big bets on (centralize onto).

Download the Marketing Technology Stack Documentation Template

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MarTech Stack Documentation template featured image

Free Template – Document Your Marketing Technology Stack

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