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Top 10 MarTech Twitter Feeds

The 10 Best MarTech Twitter Feeds to Follow

After just recently launching the Marketing Technology Office blog, I wanted to investigate which twitter feeds represented some of the best minds in the martech space.  I immediately began to research this on followerwonk by running some reports.

After seeing who had the highest social authority score I then investigate the top martech experts on LinkedIn to determine if their background and expertise had sufficient martech experience.

The list below is the best top 10 martech twitter feeds to follow:

Tamara McCleary

Followers: 224,002
Following: 78,471
Social Authority Score*: 82

Adam Singer

Followers: 29,701
Following: 2,960
Social Authority Score: 72

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

Followers: 12,430
Following: 10,519
Social Authority Score: 68

Antonella Santoro

Followers: 2,293
Following: 2,288
Social Authority Score: 67

Scott Brinker

Followers: 30,956
Following: 6,387
Social Authority Score: 67

Travis Wright

Followers: 220,388
Following: 19,603
Social Authority Score: 65

Bill Marjot

Followers: 10,263
Following: 9,667
Social Authority Score: 63

Followers: 75,602
Following: 37,406
Social Authority Score: 61

MarTechExec (aka: Lana K. Moore)

Followers: 45,986
Following: 30,286
Social Authority Score: 60

Christine Viera

Followers: 8,144
Following: 6,025
Social Authority Score: 56



*According to Followerwonk

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Top 10 MarTech Twitter Feeds

The 10 Best MarTech Twitter Feeds to Follow

After just recently launching the Marketing Technology Office blog, I ...


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